Noor Poultry

Chicken Meat Production

Using modern and advanced equipment in a completely independent and closed cycle, Noor Poultry offers high-quality products.

 Providing eggs from our own parent flocks and hatching of the eggs in our hatchery guarantees excellent quality and a healthy level of day-old chicks coming in our farms for fattening. Our fattening process is environmentally provided with conditions for welfare during rearing of broilers and as a result, Noor Poultry is supplying all the clients with products with excellent taste and health benefits.

Animal nutrition with own feed, coupled with permanent veterinary control at all stages of the technological processes from proven doctors, play a substantial role in proposing high-quality chicken.

A high-tech cooling system used in our slaughterhouse is unique for Bulgaria and the region and allows us to create a complete product with increased storage time and guaranteed quality preservation. The whole process is certified under the requirements of Halal standards, such as the slaughter is done manually.


1.6 million eggs in one production cycle

Chicken Slaughterhouse

10560 tons yearly Halal chicken




Quality Control

The biggest advantage that makes the company stand out is high-end quality control applied at each stage of production and processing as well as towards the origin of the meat. The company owns a fodder production facility, a hatchery, poultry farms and a slaughterhouse - all certified according to EU standards. We also own a “Halal” certificate for production and processing of poultry meat.

Product Range

“Noor Poultry” LTD produces a wide variety of griller chicken in different sizes and portions, chilled and frozen high-quality poultry products



Contact Us

Rabeea Building, Al-Jazira Al-Arabiya St., Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4468 2039

Fax:+974 4411 2116



Fresh, chilled and frozen meat production

The main segment of Noor Farms’ business activities is the stockbreeding – growth, fattening, producing and the export of fresh, chilled and frozen meat with the best quality and environmental-friendly way of producing. Providing the high and bio quality meat has been achieved by the free raising of the animals and their feeding with clear and natural forages.


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