Noor Feed

Plant-growing and livestock feed

The feed Noor Feed produces for you are from selected varieties - wheat, corn, high-quality soy and sunflower meal and with suitable vitamins and mineral components. The grain comes from a controlled geographic region - Dobrudzha - granary of Bulgaria. The complete laboratory control of input and output is a guarantee of high quality. 

Offered products meet all breeders in quality and assortment of a structure. Produced in our feed factory products are time-tested recipes that have proven successful. With these feed are grown the animals on our farms to achieve the best results known in our brands "NOOR FARMS" and "NOOR POULTRY". With exceptional market attractiveness, fresh granulated dehydrated Lucerne is produced by us - an ecological and environmentally friendly product. All components of the feed are grown and stored according to the highest standards of modern Agricultural production.


Feed factory 

19200 tons of grain and feed yearly.



Contact Us

Rabeea Building, Al-Jazira Al-Arabiya St., Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4468 2039

Fax:+974 4411 2116



Fresh, chilled and frozen meat production

The main segment of Noor Farms’ business activities is the stockbreeding – growth, fattening, producing and the export of fresh, chilled and frozen meat with the best quality and environmental-friendly way of producing. Providing the high and bio quality meat has been achieved by the free raising of the animals and their feeding with clear and natural forages.


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